Our Volunteers and Interurban cars run through the Summer for guests to enjoy the Surrey Heritage Rail experience. We also have various special events around Halloween and Christmas to continue the fun. Did you know that you can experience more and see “behind the scenes” at other times of the year? These are the “School Visits!”

school visit

Langley Meadows Strong Start

Originally started to allow classes to come to Cloverdale Station during the school year to enhance their studies, we have found this works for others to tailor an experience.

School visitors on the Speeders (January)

Southridge School

School visit at night

2nd Clover Valley Sparks

Usually set for Mondays or Fridays to not conflict with restoration and maintenance work in the barn, there are other times that can be arranged.

We also have some featured topics that can be highlighted during the visit: Transportation; Rail Safety; History; Science (How does the car get power? How does electricity make it move?)

school visit - night

Night ride for School visit

Some examples of other groups that have visited: Scouts, Guides,

School visits - Seniors

Mission Seniors group outing

Seniors, Family group, conventions.

school visit - conventions

Bus Drivers convention

School visits - nighttime

Speeders at night

school visits - onboard at night

Onboard 1225 at night for School visi

Interested? Please see the School Visits page and download the form. Once filled out please email to info@FVHRS.org

school vist - card from a group

Card from School visit group