Clara Wise Celebrates 100th Birthday at the Surrey Heritage Railway


It was a special day at the Surrey Heritage Rail operation on August 22, 2015. The professional troupe called the Re-enactors, was scheduled to perform at the railway station, recounting the history of Surrey and it’s town centre of Cloverdale of one hundred years and more. It was an additional surprise and delight when the Wise family arrived to ride the train and celebrate their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother’s 100 birthday complete with balloons and cake. But first Clara and her family were invited to participate with the actors in a recreation of a school class, a visit from the Reeve, and a number of other characters of our history.

After the singing of Happy Birthday, Clara was escorted aboard Car 1225, just three years older than she, for a ride to Sullivan Station and back. After the big train, she enjoyed a ride on the speeder, and climbed on the hand-cart called a velocipede, which she operated herself.

Word has it that Clara outlasted some of her younger family members. She definitely had a wonderful time.