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A Century Celebration of the B.C. Electric Railway Fraser Valley Line 1910-2010

The 100th Anniversary publication on the Fraser Valley line, by Henry Ewert & Ray Hudson.

A look back at some of the highlights of the line with update (to 2010) on the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Societies progress to return heritage BCER Interurban cars to the line.

(Note: this is a web-view quality file, high quality printed versions are available at the Cloverdale Station during the operating season.)

The Saga of Sullivan Station

Our first home, Sullivan Station, has an interesting history and a lot of colourful characters.

This was our first issue of the History publications (2004).

Pieter, Daisy and the Milk Train

Director David Hobson wrote a story about two ten year old children living around Chilliwack when the BCER ran to Vancouver, and back. Curious kids want to know more about where the milk goes when the train picks the urns up at the station.