FVHRS published a printed newsletter about 3 times per year for the first few years. As we got busier in the barn the frequency varied.

Our current publishing schedule is to have one annual magazine, The Signal, ready for each AGM. Supplementing this will be the Signal Express, a smaller printed format for the beginning and end of each operating season. Special events are also covered with special issues.

For ongoing, as-it-happens news, please see the online version at the BLOG pages or on our Facebook page.

We currently have most back issues and the current issue available here as Acrobat PDF files. We are working to get missing issues scanned and available here.

2021 Our 20th Anniversary

Signal, April 2021  – A retrospective of our first 20 years. Based on our simple mission statement: Get Car; Fix Car; Run Car, we take a looks at many people who helped us grow from an idea and the use of some land, to a multi-car operating railway. A few stops along the journey with significant milestones and even communication from Buckingham Palace. See how the cars ‘flew’ to Surrey and find out where we are headed in the future.


Cover of the Signal 2020

Signal, April 2020  – In the movies, Meetings and convention trips to the station, the first First Responder’s day celebration, Paint the Train Art v2.0 competition, Lots of buzz in the meadow, Clayburn signals again, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2020, Halloween Heroes & Villains, Electric Express Christmas 1919 events.


Signal, April 2019  – Dedication of the Frank Horne Heritage Rail Discovery Centre, Great Northern Railway Historical Society visit, Fairchild TV Report,  Clovie award, Paint the Train Art competition, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2019, Halloween Heroes & Villains, Electric Express Christmas 1918 events.


Signal, April 2018  – BC|Canada 150: Launch of Connaught with Lt. Gov. of BC and the BC Regiment, arrival of BCER 1231,  Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2017, Halloween Heroes & Villains, Electric Express Christmas 1917 events, announcing the Paint the Train Art project.


Signal Express, April 2017  – New addition BCER 1231 announced, preparing for our BC|Canada 150: Launch of Connaught & new track & barn expansion, Images of the 2016 Halloween & Christmas 1916 events, our 20,000th passenger.

2015 – 2016

15th Anniversary Special Issue  – 2001 – 2015 the first 15 years, Yarrow Riders visit 1304, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Halloween Special Event, BCER 1207 arrives, 2016 in review, Clayburn Signal donation, Crew First Aid training, AGM 2015, 5 year Strategic plan, BCER 1304 Legacy


October 2014  – Interurban Again – Bypass track installed, Year two of operations & what is planned for next year, BCER 961 arrives from Edmonton, Volunteer interviews: Archivist Ken Silen, BCER 1304 Yarrow students reunion planned, AED on site, KPU Horticulture student plans for the station, AGM report, Salute to SRY Rail Link & SRY President/CEO Frank Butzelaar, Salute to PNR Railworks Pacific Manager Al Schroeder, Salute to RDM Enterprises President Ron Madsen, Salute to Cloverdale Paint, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2013.


Special October 2013  – Interurban Again – Official opening of Cloverdale, start of Operations, Milestones: 1,000 though 5,000th passengers, Station lift, pictures of Opening Day and our first season, BCER 1304 restoration.


Special July 2012  – Cloverdale construction, cleaning up Sullivan, getting ready for the move to Cloverdale.


Summer 2011  – 10th Anniversary, Plans for Cloverdale – Car Barn & Cloverdale Station, 1225 trucks, 2010 Volunteer Dinner, 2011 AGM, last Open House at Sullivan, updated 1225 report and historical photos. Updated Donor lists.


Fall & Winter 2009-2010  – BCER 1304 & the fire of ’45, Volunteer profiles: Ron Jones & John Welsh, Brian Croft at the Volunteer Dinner, 1225 restoration update,


Spring & Summer 2009  – BCER 1304 return home, 2009 AGM Volunteer profiles: Douglas Abbott & Lloyd Knoblauch, Henry Ewert: Becoming an Interurban motorman, Bradner Flower Show, Royal Hudson visit, 1225 restoration work. Poster: Duke of Connaught BCER 1304 home at last.


Fall 2008  – 2008 Goodbye to our Den Mother, Volunteer profile: Rene Doyharcabal & Roberta Anaya, lyrics of The Ballad of 1225, Volunteer Dinner.

Spring & Summer 2008  – 2008 AGM, Henry Ewert: Cloverdale, Volunteer profiles:Ron Powers & Neil Wilkie, Bradner Flower Show. Supplement: Donors list – updated.


Fall 2007  – City of Surrey cheque, Henry Ewert: The Power of the BC Electric Railway, Chair’s report – Volunteers, Interview: Vice Chair Bob Ashton, Salute to the Volunteers 2nd annual Volunteer Dinner, FVHRS genesis. Supplement: List of donors to BCER 1225 restoration work.

Spring 2007  – AGM report, Chair’s report, Treasurer’s report, Vice Chair’s report – rehabilitation progress, salute to volunteers on 1225, fundraising report, Council Liaison report, Henry Ewert: Milestones of the Interurban Service, retiring directors Breaks & Lyster. (now up to 8 pages)


Winter 2006 – BCER 1225 rehabilitation starts, artifacts donated, FVHRS visit to SRY.

Fall 2006 – BCER 1225 skeleton, workshop addition. (Dropped vol numbering – seasonal designation used.)


Fall 2005 – BCER 1225 repatriated, additional BCER 1225 poster, 1225 in the barn. Special Edition.

Spring 2005 – FVHRS registered as 19th BC Railway, volunteer opportunities. Vol 6 No 1


Summer/ Fall 2004 – Golden spike on Sullivan Speeder track, Donation from GVC, SHAC members tour of Sullivan campus, Director & newsletter editor Graham MacDonell resigns. Vol 5 No 4  (change in numbering)

Spring 2004 – Replica Sullivan Station opened, first payment on BCER 1225, BCER storyboard pictures. Vol 3 No 4

Winter 2004 – Replica Sullivan Station work, City Sullivan & BCER-FVHRS storyboard unveiling. Vol 3 No 3


Fall 2003 – Official opening of  Sullivan car barn, Hampton Inn Save a Landmark donation, new web site. Vol 3 No 2

Summer 2003 – City of Surrey grant, Sullivan car barn plans and site, new board members. Vol 3 No 1


Winter (2002)-2003 – Sullivan barn plans, Chair Bob Ashton presents Minister Sheila Copps FVHRS news, Surrey’s rail history on display at Surrey Museum. Vol 2 No 4

There might not have been a Vol 2, No 3 produced – we seem to have changed numbering schemes.

Fall 2002 – News on BCER 1304, history of Connaught car, FVHRS at Woodworking show. Vol 2 No 2

Summer 2002 – Streetcar 30, City of Surrey land at Sullivan park for FVHRS, board negotiating for BCER 1225 & 1304. Vol 2 No 1


Winter 2001 – First AGM, split terms for directors, Brownsville area. Vol 1 No 4

Fall 2001 – New board working hard on Phase One. Vol 1 No 3

Summer 2001 – Jim Sullivan and Sullivan Station. Vol 1 No 2

Spring 2001 – New society, new Board of Directors, old cars.  Vol 1 No 1