Feel the push and pull

of the velocipede


A piece of history

you can experience

for yourself


Velocipede speed is

determined by the riders


The velocipede can

be found in our

Cloverdale Station carbarn

CAR 1225


The 1225 runs from Cloverdale Station to Sullivan Station every weekend throughout the summer.

The ride goes through the farm lands to Sullivan Station, passing across Highway 10, where people wave to passengers on the train as it goes by.

The train ride takes approximately 55 mins round trip. The passenger attendant on each train gives a commentary on the journey.

A Brief History of Car 1225

  • BCER 1225 worked in Vancouver, Steveston and Burnaby from 1913 until February 28, 1958.
  • In early 1950’s, as the BCER was being wound down, many of the cars were decommissioned. Most ended up being burnt at the rail yard under the Burrard St. bridge. Some were purchased and moved to museums south of the border. BCER 1225 found it’s way to the Orange Empire Railway Museum (OERM) in Perris California.
  • BCER 1225 was part of the rolling stock at OREM, we have heard that it was also one of the fastest cars to run on their private track.
  • In August 2005, Interurban car BCER 1225 returned home to Canada. After a 50 year absence, the car came back on two flat bed transports from PCC.
  • The trucks came on the other flatbed trailer.
  • There was some excitement when loading the car at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris California. In an email from Perris on August 7th, Bob Ashton told us that:
“BCER 1225 left Perris at noon today. We suffered through a small Tornado yesterday, which caused havoc here. Tore the roof off one building that housed all OREM old blueprints and other paper goods. This might have been OK but the rains were something I have never experienced. Then the hail. At the end trees were down and major flooding. What about 1225: Stood up well got a good soaking. Length of time we sat out of harm’s way was about 2 hours. Amazingly, after it was all over the sun was back out and the temp back to 104 degrees.”
    • The car arrived at the border and was helped through the formalities with the assistance of Dave Bucholtz from Pacific Custom Brokers.
    • With the paperwork out of the way, the car crossed the border and officially returned home.
    • We celebrated the return home with a big party on September 17th. The official ribbon cutting in the Carbarn brought many smiles to the officials and to members of FVHRS.