Chairman John Sprung addresses the gathering.

John Sprung giving Ray Crowther his award.

Liz Aubert receiving her award from John Sprung for her work in organizing the station volunteers for the past three years.

John Sprung giving Hugh Parkinson his plaque in recognition of the work he did in organizing the Yarrow Reunion.

The Stationmasters with their certificates.

John Sprung giving  Ron Powers his certificate of appreciation.

MLA Marvin Hunt speaking to the gathering.

The Volunteer Appreciation dinner was held on November 21st and a good time was had by one and all.

This year several awards were given out to volunteers who had shown outstanding service to the organization.

There were awards for the stationmasters, and plaques to two individuals who had contributed particular  expertise.

Here is John Sprung, with Vince Holmes and Harry Taylor. Vince found the old velocipede that Harry worked  so diligently on to restore to pristine appearance. Harry received a plaque in recognition of this work.

Ellen Edwards one of the station volunteers.

Train Operator Peter Finch and his wife enjoying the dinner.