The Wildflower Meadow

Wildflower meadows were once common in the UK, but have mostly been lost due to agricultural intensification since the 1940’s. Although these habitats have been lost forever, existing grassland can be managed to improve its species diversity and new wildflower areas, which have much in common with traditional meadows, can be created.

The Community Bee Garden Project was started in 2016 by the Honey Bee Centre, and is intended to bring honeybees and native pollinators to every corner of Surrey in order to inspire, educate and connect the community. The goal is to add three or more new bee garden plots on private and public lands annually, to provide habitats for honeybees, mason bees, bumble bees and other indigenous bees as well as showcasing pollinator friendly forage. The project aims to enhance our natural ecology, while supporting pollinators, who are a critical and endangered part of our eco-system.

Cassie Gibeau is an owner and the Education, Events and Outreach manager at the Honeybee Centre in Surrey, BC. She is on a mission to educate and inspire people to help the bees, their flowers, and our food.

Peter Finch is a former director of the FVHRS, Motorman, and expert in pollinators (including bees) and their habitats. “I was mentored by Master Bee Keeper Brian Campbell, an amazing teacher and advocate for pollinators, bee-scaping and seed mixing.”