The Paint the Train Competition started in 2018 as a partnership of the Arts Council of Surrey and the FVHRS to bring  artists in the Surrey area together with Surrey’s heritage, specifically the B.C. Electric Railway.

We were delighted to say that in 2019, the second event was even better. We had a pause in 2020, just as most of the world did for the COVID-19 pandemic. We are ecstatic to report the 2021 version surpassed the previous events.

For this year’s competition both the scope and geographic region for the  focus were expanded to include Heritage railway operations of the BCER, representing electric power, adding steam-powered railways of all kinds that occurred in the modern-day areas of Surrey and Langley.  We extended a special invitation to the Langley Arts Council and all its members.

New judges for the arts community were faced with difficult choices within the three categories and the 33 art works that were entered. Our thanks to Scarlet Black, Marc Pelech and Brian Croft for their time to adjudicate this year.

On behalf of the FVHRS, Arts Council of Surrey and the Langley Arts Council, our thanks to all the artists who created such wonderful submissions and exercised such creativity to again Paint the Train!

2-D Painting & Drawing on any substrate

First Place


Reflection and contemplation of time and place long past, as seen at the FVHR Cloverdale Station. Brought to life with the use of bright colours and image of people frequenting the platform prior to boarding.

Artist: Elaine Krieger

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Second Place

Passing the Mufford Barn

The Interurban extended travel and power from Vancouver into Surrey, Langley Prairie, Abbotsford and onto Chilliwack. Car 1304 was one of the units that made the connection a reality. Here it passes the milk barn and Mufford Barn in Milner.

Artist: Bob Gunning

Medium: Oil on canvas

Third Place

Early Morning Arrival Sullivan Station

With this painting, I wanted to capture a glimpse of what Cloverdale and the surrounding area used to be like. Cloverdale and the surrounding area, historically has it’s roots in rural farming. In contrast, today the area is third on the list as one of the most rapidly developing areas in Canada. I purposely scouted out an area along the tracks that showed little present day development in order to take the viewer on a ride in the past, and put in motion nostalgic feelings of how things used to be.

Artist: Carla Maskall

Medium: Oil on canvas

Honourable Mention

On Duty

This caboose was in service in 1915 for the Canadian National Railway. Today it serves as a site of history and tourism and remains dignified in its new duty.

Artist: Jenny Jing Jia

Medium: Ink and watercolour

Mixed Media, Printmaking, Sculptures & Fiber Arts

First Place

Moments in the Past

Cities do not just happen. They grow and change as new technology and people enter and adapt. I find the story of Surrey’s development fascinating and decided to capture some of those Moments in the Past. My choice was the early 1900’s just as Surrey began to move from its rustic roots.

Artist: Wendy Mould

Medium: Art Book

Second Place

1225 & 1304

Model of BCER 1225  and BCER 1304

Artist: Art Crowther

Medium: Wood

Third Place

Knitting Across the Rails

Knitting stitches reminds me of travelling from place to place. Each stitch is a journey to the final destination.

Artist: Patty Halliday

Medium: Yarn

Honourable Mention

Meet at the Velocipede

I wanted to honour the charming Velocipede and the wildflower garden planted by the Honeybee Centre to turn unused rail land into a home for bees.

Artist: Melissa Peacock

Medium: Mixed media & Watercolour

Photography & Digital Art

First Place

Cloverdale Station

Artist: Helmut Gruntorad

Medium: Photograph printed on bamboo

Second Place

Ready for Duty

Artist: Helmut Gruntorad

Medium: Photograph printed on bamboo

Third Place

Royal Rail Car

A 105-year long journey. HRH Duke of Connaught Governor General of Canada September Tour.

Artist: Isabel McCurdy

Medium: Photography printed on canvas

Honourable Mention

Perfect Timing

While travelling home from work on September 11th I saw the interurban 1225 travelling back from Sullivan Train Station towards Cloverdale. It was a one of those special moments captured in time.

Artist: Jenny Lewis

Medium: Photography printed on Hot Press watercolour paper

People’s Choice

Based on votes from attendees, both in-person and virtual, the three People’s Choice awards were announced early in 2022.

Congratulations to

2D Painting & Drawing:

Elaine Krieger, Interurban

Mixed Media, Printmaking, Sculpture & Fiber Arts:

Patty Halliday, Knitting Across the Rails

Photography & Digital Art:

Helmut Gruntorad, Ready for the Day

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