Paint the Train 2019

The Paint the Train Competition started in 2018 as a partnership of the Arts Council of Surrey and the FVHRS to bring  artists in the Surrey area together with Surrey’s heritage, specifically the B.C. Electric Railway.

We are delighted to say that in 2019, the second event was even better.

The 2019 Paint the Train Competition concluded with the announcement of Winners and Honourable Mention awards at the Newton Cultural Centre. Added to the celebration this year the audience at the Awards Reception voted for a People’s Choice Award!

Following the reception, the eight winners’ art work was on display at the Cloverdale Station and three branches of the Royal Bank of Canada in Cloverdale, Clayton Heights and Sullivan Square.

A special thanks to our team of judges, FVHRS Director Stephen Plant, Chair of the Guest Experience Team, FVHRS Director Barbara Ducharme, Station Master and Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator, and Ray Hudson, Chair of the Paint the Train Competition. Incidentally, you should know that the judges were unaware of the identities of the artists until the judging was completed.

Click Here to see the 2018 Awards Results

2019 Paint the Train Winners

First Place - Fragments, Ryan Broderick

First Place in the 2019 Paint the Train Competition


The Fraser Valley Heritage Railway has always been a landmark with a lot of history. The conductors and volunteers on site share their knowledge of the Surrey Heritage Rail through stories told, making them come to life before one’s eyes. To this day, it is through their hardship and passion that generations are able to enjoy a nostalgic ride on a piece of history. This painting aims to capture these special moments in time, of both past and present. It tells of the journey over the years and helps the audience to reminisce in the memory of its legacy.

Artist: Ryan Broderick

Medium: Acrylic

Second Place - Passengers, Sarah Power

Second Place in the 2019 Paint the Train Competition


I was inspired by a few photos I took while riding the historical electric train in Cloverdale. I wanted to communicate the slower pace you feel while on board, as the mother and her daughter across from me cuddled and looked out the window. To create this piece I started with the scene outside the train using Inktense sticks on a watercolour ground, followed by a layer of resin, then I drew the train windows with a combination of acrylic ink and china marker and repeated the process to create the passengers, the result is a slight three dimensional look because of the resin between the layers.

Artist: Sara Power

Medium: Mixed Media (Watercolour ground, intense sticks, acrylic ink, China Markers & Art Resin on Wood cradled panel

Third Place - Flowers at the Station, Judy Lewis

Third Place in the 2019 Paint the Train Competition

Oh the Sweet Life…

I painted the bee nesting box among many flowers with the train in the background. What a way for the train to end up carrying passengers again and not to be forgotten. Oh the sweet life!

Artist: Judy Lewis

Medium: Watercolour and Ink on Watercolour paper

Honourable Mentions

HM - Train & Wild Roses, Carla Maskall

Train & Wild Roses

Visited the train and I loved the flowers & colours of the beautiful Fraser Valley area.

Artist: Carla Maskall

Medium: Acrylic

HM - Next Stop Sullivan, Colin Pronger

Next Stop Sullivan

With my back to the traffic-clogged 152st/64ave intersection I sketched the curve of the track with Mount Baker in the distance. I drew the station closer to the tracks but at its current position. After picking up passengers the three-car BC Electric interurban will continue towards Newton.

Artist: Colin Pronger

Medium: Acrylic

HM - Segments In Time, Vrbaski Branislav

Segments in Time

Segmented photography – Segmented times.

Artist: Branislav Vrbaski

Medium: Photography

HM - Spike, Teplate, Sleeper & Ballast, Nancy Wright

Spike, Teplate, Sleeper & Ballast

With age comes beauty.

Artist: Nancy Wright

Medium: Acrylic

People’s Choice

People's Choice - A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, Jeny Lewis

New to the Paint the Train Competition this year is the People’s Choice award. Voted by those attending the Awards reception, Jenny’s painting was selected by anonymous ballot at the reception.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

The 1225 inter urban railway car reminds me of the trolley on “Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood” I always loved watching the trolley as it would travel by Mr. Rogers on the show. The trolley always remained empty, and left your imagination open to the belief of where it was off to next in its travels. The same goes with the inter urban railways its limited in its travel destinations, however your imagination if left open to wonder where it might travel to next. Its dynamic history has been captured and restored thanks to all the hard workers that have helped to bring a piece of the past back to the present.

Artist: Jenny Lewis

Medium: Mixed Media (Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Markers, and Acrylic Spray Paint on a Black Canvas Panel)

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A warm thank you to our corporate sponsors, without whose support this event would not be possible.