A guide to the accessibility of various facilities of the FVHRS – The Surrey Heritage Rail Experience.

Cloverdale Station

Our main station is fully accessible. There are 2 marked parking spaces next to the station, a current disability sticker must be displayed.
There are 2 ramps for access to the station, the main entrance and the east side of the platform.
There are 2 accessible washrooms in the station.

Interurban ride / station platform

The steps into the heritage interurban cars are tall and steep. Please follow instructions from car and platform volunteers.

There is an electric lift for access to the heritage interurban car. This lift is intended for anyone uncomfortable in board or leaving the interurban via the stairs.

Passengers using the lift will be assisted by platform crew. Note due to limitations, only one passenger at a time please.

Wheel chair passengers are advised that due to the very restrictive entry into the car, you will have to transfer to the provided narrow wheel chair. Once onboard the interurban, passengers will then have to transfer to a fixed seat; there are no provisions to remain seated in a wheel chair while onboard. Wheel chair passengers may require a trained caregiver to compete the transfer to fixed seating.

Guide dogs and certified support dogs are permitted onboard the interurban.

Only water, in closed containers/ bottles, is allowed onboard the interurban, all other beverages and food items are not permitted onboard.

The Heritage interurban ride is 55 minutes, there are no washroom facilities onboard.

Car Barn (tours) & Speeder access

The car barn and speeder area is partially accessible. There are 3 steps (west end of platform) down to the connecting path to the car barn.
The car barn is accessible. Please note that there are embedded rails in the concrete floor, which can pose a walking and wheel chair hazard.
There is one accessible washroom located on the shop floor inside the car barn.

Speeder & Velocipede rides, static displays

The speeder ride is not accessible.
The Velocipede is not accessible.
Static displays in and outside the car barn are not accessible.