This year’s Christmas theme is the Electric Express, you are encouraged to dress warmly for the event. It represents the Electiric Express 100 years ago in Cloverdale. This is a theatrical experience for all the family.

The Electric Express experience takes place in the station, where there is live music and carols, on a short train ride on our own track, followed by a visit to Father Christmas’s workshop in the Car Barn. Each event starts on the hour for 6 events, First event 1000 am last event 3.00pm ( see Schedule).

There is limited accessibility to this event, there are stairs to get on the train and between the station and the carbarn.

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All School visits may include:

    • A Tour of the FVHRS car barn
    • A 1 mile (1.5 km) round trip ride on BCER 1225 a 1912 BCER interurban
    • A speeder ride (weather permitting)
    • A visit to the replica Cloverdale Stn and museum.
    • A video presentation of the main interurban routes of the BCER (Gr 5 -12)
    • An optional video presentation of the history of public transportation in Greater Vancouver. (Gr 4-12)
    • A video presentation on Railway Safety (Pre-school to gr 4) and discussion
    • Take home items

Through discussion with the FVHRS visits can be tailored to fit a particular lesson or unit on some aspect of public rail transportation that is centered on the BCER, or rail safety in general.

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