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The Arts Council of Surrey (ACS), in partnership with the Fraser Valley Heritage Railway and the Langley Arts Council, presents this juried exhibition is called Paint the Train 3.


The era of growth in the Fraser Valley, from 1890 to 1950, covers the buildup of the BCER and the expansion into the Fraser Valley; this also coincides with the many changes in the steam train world and in the valley.
The BCER forged the way for the BC Electric Company to bring electric service to the valley. This changed a multitude of things, including home life on many farms and towns.
These early days of the 20th century also saw the spread of steam powered transportation that connected Surrey and Langley to the wider world. The construction and operation of many different rail lines changed the look and growth patterns in the Fraser Valley.
1950 signals the end of BCER passenger service in the valley and shift to more freight service and growth of various steam railway.
This period also saw a lot of logging activity in the area, smaller steam-based lines that came and went quickly.

To provide some boundaries, we will use the present-day cities of Surrey, Langley City and Township of Langley.

Historic Railway in Surrey and Langley

Some examples of railways of the time. Company name and other lines that preceded, or were successors to the line.

Great Northern GN

Victoria Terminal Railway & Ferry VTR&F 1899 – 1908
Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon VW&Y 1901 – 1908
Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern VV&E – 1897 – 1943
New Westminster Southern NWS – 1883 – 1924
[Section in Surrey & Delta built VTR&F 1931 Cloverdale – Colebrook, VTR&F 1903 Colebrook – Port Guichon, abandoned 1938 – became PGE then BCR]
Became part of Burlington Northern BN in 1970
Became part of Burlington Northern Santa Fe BNSF in 1995

Pacific Great Eastern PGE

Name changed to British Columbia Railway BCR in 1972
Name changed to BCRail BCR in 1985
[section in Surrey – Cloverdale to Roberts Bank included VTR&F Cloverdale – Colebrook, port Guichon and new track to Roberts Bank. 1970]
Became part of Canadian National CN

Canadian Northern Pacific CNoP

Became part of Canadian National CN in 1918

British Columbia Electric BCE

Westminster Street Railway Company merged with Westminster & Vancouver Tramway W&VT – 1890
Bought by Consolidated Railway – 1895
Bought by BC Electric – 1897
Vancouver, Fraser Valley & Southern VFV&S 1906
Became BC Hydro and Power Authority BCH in 1962
Purchased & changed to Southern railway of BC SRY 1988

Canadian National CN

Canadian Pacific CP

Vancouver & Lulu island V&LI – leased by CP 1901
Name changed to CP Rail in 1968

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To encourage applications by post-secondary art students, the membership requirement is waved with a copy of valid student ID accompanying the entry form.

ENTRY FEES: $20.00 for one work; $30.00 for two works; $40.00 for three works. Please Note: entry fees are NON refundable

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Paint the Train, Arts Council of Surrey,
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For 2021 we are pleased to have three respected artists as judges. Scarlet Black, Marc Pelech and Brian Croft will select the winners and Honourable Mention prizes.